What Qualifies As Autographed Art?

Art is something with a very broad definition as it can technically be classified as anything which produces a reaction in a person. Everything from paintings to photography, sculpture to animation cells could all be technically classified as art. The person with the collection is really the one who determines what qualifies enough as art to warrant a part of the collection. In the general public classification, however, some pieces certainly qualify more toward art than others. These are the paintings and drawings of the world, with a general allowance for sculpture and most photography. Any of these pieces can absolutely qualify as art, although some people lean toward one format over others.

Any of these items can be qualified as art, although the value of this art can vary greatly. Some original pieces by some select artists can sell for quite a bit of money, while other pieces may not reach the same level of money. One thing that will help any of these pieces grow in value, however, is the inclusion of an autograph on any of these works. If the artist has autographed the piece, the value will exponentially grow. This proves that the work of art is an original and that it is something valued by the artist.

The autograph inclusion on a work of art can be an important detail for there are a number of painters out there who try to emulate the work of others. This can often result in either confusion about who the true artist is or in the attempt of a forgery. Having the autograph from the artist marks the piece of work as a true original and because of this, the work can be verified. This will help certify the authenticity of the autographed art and will enhance any collection, whether public or private.

Any number of pieces can be autographed and collected. Paintings which are signed by the original artist can be quite popular and common. The autograph, generally in one small corner of the painting, will give the piece verification and authenticity, as well as marking the work as one of the artist’s own, that they will claim. Prints of photographs can also be autographed, however, making an image that was captured by that photographer into something beautiful which can be classified as art. The photograph simply shows that the photographer verifies this work. Printed cells from animated movies also work well for pieces of autographed art. The original artist can sign the work and give it some value, just as the artist of a painting would.

Autographs do not have to be limited to the person who produced the work, however. The subjects of the artwork can also give their autograph, making the piece more valuable. Actors and actresses will often autograph photos of themselves to give the piece value. One thing to be wary of, however, is making sure that if one is getting a piece autographed, that the autograph is relevant to the piece. Having an unrelated celebrity sign the photo of another celebrity or having them autograph an unrelated work of art will not give the piece any more value. Instead, it could actually diminish the value of the piece. Therefore, one must always be careful about collecting signatures, making sure that the signature itself will enhance the value of the piece.