Unfolding The Realms Of Indian Handicrafts

Worth for million dollar appreciation Indian handicrafts have taken the world of beauty and excellence in their strides. The textures, colors, designs and diverse patterns unveiled in the native craft has captured the attention of aficionados since the antiquity. Looking back into the history of the Indian handicrafts which trails to the Indus Valley Civilization (3000 B.C. – 1700 B.C.), it is found that the unique craft were omnipresent even then also. People have always been fond of these handicrafts right from the vedic age till this modern age because of their exquisite work that give a soothing effect to the eyes.

Indian handicrafts have been known for their unique designs that weave magic with fine details and craftsmanship. The art is manifested in the form of decorative items, sculptors & idols, jewelery box, metal handicrafts, Indian candles, paintings, stone handicrafts it seems that beauty and creativity can be given different shapes.

India?s rich cultural diversity provides for exemplary varieties of handicraft. The skilled artists from the different parts of the country mold the workpiece into their beautiful imaginations. An intriguing kaleidescope of the craft pieces include varieties ranging from jewelery and furniture to home furnishing and decorative items. The intricate embroidery, bead work, wood crafts, pottery and tribal art are perfect expression of the folklore and festivals of the country. Eye Bovelling Tools, Bernia Dolls, Flower Vases, Ashtrays, Home decors, Souvenirs, etc. corresponds to the different provinces of India. The craftsmanship is revealed in different media to express the originality.

Evidently the close linkage of the Indian craftsmanship and the rarely found precious stones have evolved into one of the seven wonders – the Taj Mahal. The plights and the rejoices of the societies are found in the decorative paintings of the renowned painters. People from the far flung countries have always been adorable to the arts which have made the Indian handicrafts to sail through the geographical boundaries.

The rustic charm of Indian handicraft has influenced the art connoisseurs from across the globe. In India, handicrafts account for 1.5 per cent of the total exports. Top league of players in the industry are now directly communicating with their clients by participating in international fairs / exhibitions; organizing festivals of India / stand-alone shows / buyer seller meets; and mega publicity for brand image Promotion. The US, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Canada and Italy have become major handicraft export destinations for India.