From A Small Ceramic Art Company To A Worldwide Collectible Leader

The attraction of collectibles is irresistible. People of all ages are drawn to them. One of the best is the type called Lenox collectibles. It is possible that you too bought one to be kept in your house or to be given to someone as a gift. You may also be thinking of buying one. Whatever it is, you will benefit from gathering some basic information about them. It is sure to help you in future as well.

The name is synonymous with quality and perfection. The pieces are renowned worldwide among collectors. The brand offers china and crystal collections. Since they are very popular, they are found in fine shops and major department stores.

At first the company made only quality tableware and in 1918, its dinnerware had become the first American china collection to be used at the White House. Then the company turned to the manufacture of figurines in a big way. Today, the company produces figurines which match the best in the market in quality, perfection and artistic beauty.

The renowned collectibles feature a lengthy list of licensed partners, including Disney, Snow babies, and even Jack Daniel’s. Many of its figurines and collectibles are practical as well, like the “”Tweety Candy Dish”” or “”A Treat with Pooh””, a collection of ice cream bowls featuring a 24-karat gold accent. They range from very inexpensive items to lavish, intricately detailed pieces. Christmas tree ornaments are one of the lower-priced options, while some larger figurines are valued at close to one thousand U.S. dollars.

The Lenox website provides a wealth of information about the extensive online shopping mall. There are over 800 figurines and figure sets currently available on the site, along with descriptions and images. There are African-American collections that celebrate the history and pride of the community, as well as sports and music-related figurines.

A rather unique component of the brand is the Lifetime Breakage Replacement Program. After purchasing a genuine figurine, it should be registered with the company as soon as possible. If the figurine is broken for any reason, a replacement piece will be offered to the owner at half the cost, providing it is in-stock. This is something very rarely provided. That surely reflects the company’s trust in their products. That is one more reason why people go for these products.

Glass sculptures are immensely popular. The best examples are the turtle and rooster sets. Other popular items include “”Best of the Class””, a graduation-capped elephant, and “”Minnie’s Dream Wedding””, featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse as bride and groom.

Many figurines are made of ivory fine china and are highlighted with 24-carat gold or enameled accents, or even Austrian crystals. All the figurines are hand-painted and come with an official Certificate of Authenticity. The website also offers a guarantee that all online purchases are 100% safe, meaning that users pay nothing if they are subjected to any unauthorized charges by the seller.

So, have you seen the special features of the figurines. Next time when you have a plan to buy a figurine, bear these things in mind so that you will get a very good bargain.