Create A Squirrel Proof Bird Feeding Station

You have spent money and time creating a bird feeding station that will attract a diverse variety of gorgeous wild birds to beautify your outdoor space and provide you with hours of pleasure watching the colorful and entertaining wild birds that inhabit your area.
These feeding stations can also be essential for high metabolism, high energy birds to supplement their natural diet with and promote their good health and longevity for years of bird watching pleasure.

The bird feeders are in place, the seed, feed suet and other goodies are stored in the pantry and loaded into the various feeders stationed all around your prime bird watching area, but Where Are The Birds?

Unfortunately, the same seeds, suets, jellies and other assorted treats designed to attract the wild birds are also a favorite of backyard pests such as squirrels, voles, foxes, possums, raccoons and even rodents and enjoying a squirrel free bird environment can be difficult.

These intruders not only eat valuable seed and can wreak havoc on your feeding areas, they also repel most varieties of birds and these hungry pests can eat a seemingly unending amount of the seed and treats you have worked so hard to put into place for the cardinals, finches, orioles, blue birds, woodpeckers,

wrens and other winged species.

Wild birds can be easy to spook as they have many natural predators and squirrels, foxes and other intruders pose a threat not only to the birds making them hard to spot when they are in the area, but many of these opportunistic pests will not only eat the seeds and feeds, they will also invade nesting areas and damage nests and eggs and eat the fragile young nesting birds and can be very difficult to repel.

Once these pests find a steady source of food, (the seed, suet and jelly you provide them) they will come back at will ruining your opportunity to view your favorite birds, they can also wreak havoc on flowers and backyard gardens, which also attract birds.

A few easy steps can avert this disaster and restore your bird feeding station

to a comfortable, safe haven where birds will delight and return.

Squirrel proof feeders are always a good start. Divalo’s Gourmet Bird Feeds offers feeders such as

the Droll Yankee Whipper, Tipper, Dipper and Flipper which discourage crafty predators like squirrels

who are looking for an easy meal and will eventually move to an easier meal out of

your feeding station area. This will protect your birds valuable food resource.

While these squirrel proof feeders are a great start, birds will naturally scatter seed and suet below

all of your feeding stations, and now you don’t just have the squirrels to contend with, other damaging scavengers will move in and many of these being nocturnal can cause unseen an immeasurable damage and once they take up residence in your area as they have a steady food supply, they will nest and cause problems not only with the birds, but also your beloved cats and dogs as meeting with some of these aggressive predators like raccoons and possums can be fatal to your pets.

A simple solution can solve all these woes. Bird Seeds and Suets specially formulated to repel squirrels and other mammals yet still retain a flavor all of your birds will enjoy.

Our Cajun Cardinal, Hot Meats and Blazing Hot Bird Seed Blends combine natural ingredients birds crave such as sunflower meats, peanuts, whole grains and berries and premium energy giving suet, they are also infused with Habanero Oil and Chili Peppers.

This blend is naturally repulsive to most mammals and not only will they not bother any of your feeders

filled with these seeds and suet cakes, but the seeds and suets the birds scatter on the ground will only

be enjoyed by the birds who are instinctive ground feeders. This is a non toxic, safe way to repel the

pests, these blends will also not harm your loved pets and are the safe easy way for you to disperse seeds without involving the potential danger to you of hand mixing irritating chili powders and oils into your feeds.

Another simple step is a liquid designed with the same principle and containing all the pest repelling ingredients. Our Flaming Squirrel Sauce is a specially blended formula that you can spray onto any

seeds, suets and treats you feed your birds you offer your backyard companions.

This easy to use liquid can also be sprayed on gardens and plants that will attract a variety of scavengers. Flaming Squirrel will not harm your delicious vegetables, fruits and herbs or your outdoor plants and is of course non toxic to curious dogs and cats. This helps create your perimeter of resistance.

The final piece to the puzzle is to attract the scavengers to another area away from bird habitat. This solution is ideal for those who like the whole natural spectrum of wild animals in their viewing area and offering a way for all species to co-exist.

And let’s face it, squirrels, chipmunks and foxes can be amusing and entertaining and add a rustic

element to your outdoor area while providing a peaceful harmony and balance.

A well places supply of our Critter Munchies provides these amusing little creatures nourishing foods they crave and provides a simple diversion to your feeding station. They are looking for a stable food source

for themselves and their young and this will establish their feeding patterns away from the bird sanctuaries enabling a delightful variety of wild outdoor viewing moments.

I hope this is helpful, and any comments or suggestions are always appreciated.

With best regards and happy bird watching

Anthony LoCascio

Divalo’s Gourmet Bird Foods